International Conference on Cultured Meat

02-12-2018 to 04-12-2018




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Petra Kluger

Petra Kluger is a full professor for tissue engineering and biofabrication at Reutlingen University in Germany since 2017. Before she was head of the department cell and tissue engineering at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology in Stuttgart since 2013 and had a shared time professorship at Reutlingen University. She studied technical biology at the University of Stuttgart and started the research on interdisciplinary topics in the field of tissue engineering within her doctorate. In the past years her team focussed on adipose tissue engineering using adipose derived stem cells and mature adipocytes. Defined media were developed for differentation, long term function and coculture with endothelial cells. Furthermore, a 3D set-up was developed using manual and additive manufacturing techniques. The aim is to achieve a functional adipose tissue model as basis for numerous future applications.