International Conference on Cultured Meat

02-12-2018 to 04-12-2018




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Pim Pijnappel

Pim Pijnappel is an Associate Professor at the Center for Lysosomal and Metabolic Diseases, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands, where he heads a basic and translational research group on lysosomal storage diseases, with a focus on Pompe disease and Mucopolysaccharidoses. He has broad expertise in cell and molecular biology and received training at the Hubrecht laboratory (Utrecht) and European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Heidelberg). He has published in top journals including Nature, Cell, Genes and Development, Nature Biotechnology, and PNAS. He is Board Member of the Center for Lysosomal Diseases at the Erasmus MC, member of the indication committee of the Erasmus MC which decides on treatment of Pompe disease with enzyme replacement therapy, and treasurer of the European Study Group of Lysosomal Disorders. His research group works on the development of novel therapeutic approaches for lysosomal diseases including stem cell-based gene therapy and antisense oligonucleotides, improved diagnostics, molecular mechanisms of disease and the effects of enzyme replacement therapy. The in vitro modeling of human disease of skeletal muscle and cartilage using patient-derived cells forms an important focus area of his group.