Abstract Instructions

The deadline for submitting an abstract is October 15, 2018. Abstracts must be submitted electronically ONLY to secretariaat-fys@maastrichtuniversity.nl, be written in English (maximum 300 words), and be in standard letter size (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm). Please attach your abstract in a Word file The presenting author will be notified of acceptance by November 1st, 2018.

All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee and may be accepted for oral or poster presentation. The Committee will endeavour to schedule abstracts according to the Conference topics and authors’ preferences, but reserves the right to make the final decision. Abstracts for all Conference presentations will be printed in the (online) abstract book.

Please structure the abstracts as follows:

1. Topic
Please indicate for which session you submit your abstract:
A. Serum-free cell culture
B. Large scale cell culture towards suspension culture
C. Bioreactor developments
D. Biomaterials
E. Tissue formation/channeled tissues
F. Social science related to cultured meat
G. Other, related to cultured meat

2. Title Abstract title (maximum 50 words) Arial, bold, 10pt size and left aligned

3. Author(s) and affiliations
Abstract Title should be followed by authors’ first name in full followed by surname (with the presenting author underlined). Superscript numbers must be used to indicate the author’s affiliation. Do not include degrees or professional titles (e.g. Dr, Prof., etc).

4. Corresponding author’s email address

5. Abstract (maximum 300 words) Arial, 10pt size and left aligned.
Tables and figures are allowed but the abstract can not exceed one page.

6. Oral or poster presentation
At the time of submission, presenting authors should indicate their preference for an oral or a poster presentation.

Scroll down for an Abstract example. The word count does NOT include abstract title, author names, affiliation, or cited references.

Abstracts not submitted in the correct format will be returned for correction.

Important deadlines; Mark your calendars!
October 15, 2018 : Abstract submission
November 1st, 2018 : Notification of acceptance and form of presentation

Need help?
Please contact Dr. Mark Post by email: secretariaat-fys@maastrichtuniversity.nl or call his secretariat's office: +31 (0)43 388 1200 or +31 (0)43 388 4003


Abstract example:

Page: Letter size (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm).
Margins : 4 cm top and bottom, left and right
Interline: Single
Font: Arial, 10 pt

Topic: select from the list of topics
Title (Title: Arial, bold, 10pt size and left aligned)

John Jones1, Jane Smith2
1University of South Wales, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Corresponding author’s address: john.jones@abc.org.au
(Authors: Arial, 10pt size, First Name, Surname, Affiliations numbered in superscript, presenting author underlined, separated by commas)

Abstract (300 words) Arial, 10pt size and left aligned

I would prefer to present the paper as:

0     Poster presentation
0     Oral presentation
0     Indifferent
0     Poster only
0     Oral presentation only